Sunday, October 19, 2014

Flash Fiction - Spammerpunk horror

The Flash Fiction Friday challenge was a hard one for me this week - frame a horror story in a spam email.  I've never written horror, but it was interesting to try.  I came in pretty far under-budget at 194 words.

To: [private recipients]
Subject: We know what you did

We know who you are, and we know what you did.  It's okay if you don't.  We expected that.

Do you know that niggling feeling in your gut lately that says you don't quite fit in this world with the people around you?  We do.

Have you noticed the way that feeling of déjà vu is growing more common lately?  Or how about the way that strange visage that stares back from the mirror in the morning looks less and less like the person you thought you were?  We can explain that.

On those long, tired, evening drives home, there are those lost minutes when you don't remember taking some of the turns.  You thought your subconscious had taken the wheel under the lull of the radio.  You're more right than you know.  We can help.

Don't reply here.  This address is not secure.  Later, on your morning walk with the dog, look for the rock that doesn't belong, beneath the tree that never was a tree.  It will guide you to us.  

Trust your intuition - it knows the way.

Take care.

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Anonymous said...

Mysterious & compelling. I like it :)